The End Result, Chapter One!

Hey Maksyl Fam!

This is my second AU fanfic. I got the idea from wondering about what’d happen if Meryl chose to go on The Bachelorette after her/Charlie’s Olympic win. (Note: SHE DID NOT GO ON DWTS. MAKS AND VAL CHOSE TO TAKE A BREAK FROM THE SHOW FOR ANOTHER SEASON TO TRY SOMETHING ELSE *hint hint* OUT.)

Yes, in this fanfic, Meryl Davis is now The Bachelorette.

I hope you all love it! Feedback is always appreciated!

After her and Charlie’s Olympic win, Meryl felt blessed; she was so incredibly thankful for all the positive things she’d had in her life.

She had an amazing support system. She had her loving family. She had her amazing friends. She even had a career doing the thing she loved most in the world (which admittedly involved participating in various activities she wasn’t too crazy about; i.e., advertising for her sponsors.)

She’d endured countless hours of advertising for her Olympic sponsors because she loved her career so much. In fact, she was in the midst of scanning through her potential sponsors list when one sponsor’s name in particular caught her eye.

The American Broadcasting Company.

Meryl knew ABC was a popular television network. It had a pretty wide-spanning demographic. Some of their shows had looked interesting to her.

She just hadn’t had time to watch any television with her insanely hectic schedule because, as it turned out, training for the Olympics was a full-time occupation.

However, now that she and Charlie were considering temporary retirement, Meryl surmised that she’d probably have some free time on her hands to watch a few shows from the network.

Alright, ABC, let’s give you a try.

Meryl was curled up on her new, comfortable couch, a full bowl of buttery popcorn wrapped in her arms.

Her best friend Jenna was curled up next to her.

The two were having a much-needed girls’ night for the first time in a long time.

“I don’t know what we should watch,” Meryl sighed, scrolling idly down Netflix’s endless list of suggestions for her.

Jenna hmmed quietly.

“Mer, have you heard of this show called ‘The Bachelor?’”

Meryl rose an inquisitive eyebrow, shaking her head. “No, I haven’t.”

“We can watch that, then! You’re a hopeless romantic, Mer; I know you’d love it,” Jenna grinned.

Pausing for a brief moment to grab a handful of popcorn, Jenna popped a piece in her mouth.

Then she continued her monologue.

“It’s a reality TV show that gives one man and twenty-five women the chance to find love. The Bachelor—that’s the one man—will get to know the 25 women through dates that happen every week. The dates start off taking place in L.A. but then, as time goes on, they go to other countries and have dates in places like Italy or St. Lucia.”

Meryl nodded, motioning for her friend to continue.

“Along the way, though, the one guy has to eliminate girls until he’s left with the one he wants to marry. When there are four women left, he goes to their hometowns and meets their families. When there are two left, they go to his home and meet his family. At the end there’s this big, dramatic proposal.”

Meryl gave her friend a dubious glance.

“And it’s not staged for ratings or anything?”

Jenna shook her head.

“It’s the real deal, Mer; the feelings are all genuine and legitimate throughout the whole show. It’s adorable and authentic. Basically, it’s a total girl’s show,” Jenna explained.

“I guess we can watch one episode,” Meryl sighed, beginning to type the show’s name into the search box.

“Awesome! One season it’s the Bachelor. The next season it’s the Bachelorette. It’s pretty much the same thing, but The Bachelorette is with one girl and twenty-five guys instead.”

Meryl nodded her head to show that she’d heard her friend. Then, she clicked on the latest season of ‘The Bachelor.’

“Episode One,” Meryl said, glancing warily at Jenna. “Remember you made me do this.”

Jenna stuck her hand out for a high-five.

“Let’s do this, Mer.”

After binge-watching the entire season with Jenna, Meryl had to admit she was floored.

She hadn’t expected to be in love with the show.

Yet she was.

“Can that be me?” Meryl whined, joking.

Jenna, usually all jokes and mockery, became somewhat serious.

“ABC is a sponsor of yours, right?”

Meryl nodded her head, momentarily lost as to where her friend was going with this.

“Then I’m sure it’d be possible for you to be the next Bachelorette. Good press and all that,” she muttered, lost in thought.

Meryl paused.

Jenna was right.

In the back of her mind, Meryl recalled a phrase her agent had spoken to her a while ago about sponsorship. Anything that benefits both parties is something neither should resist.

Yes, she was pretty sure it could happen.

But did she even want to be the next Bachelorette?

Meryl had never been the type of woman to need a man in her life. She was incredibly strong, and fiercely independent. She would rather spend time with friends than time on ‘date night,’ and she was never quite the ‘swooning’ type.

But maybe she could give the whole love thing a try.

Y’know, for science.

“Jenna, could you grab my laptop? I need to try to get in touch with someone important.”


A few weeks later, Meryl had received the e-mail.

The production company had told her that they’d be in touch after she’d first suggested the idea, and now, they were.

Yes, the American Broadcasting Company had gotten back to her after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

She’d asked if she should send in an audition tape, as was customary. They said it was optional. It was abundantly clear to everyone, they’d said, that she was the perfect material for a Bachelorette.

Of course, that was from an e-mail sent to her weeks ago. The verdict could be different now.

Meryl knew it was all a matter of the public’s opinion. The show needed ratings, after all.

Would the potential ratings be good enough to let her on? Would anyone even want to see her find love, or did they stop caring about her after the Olympic buzz had ended?

Meryl took a deep breath. Her eyes never left the new e-mail notification.

Hesitantly, she left-clicked on the tab.

“Dear Ms. Davis,

After heavy deliberation, the casting team here at ‘The Bachelor’ have reached a decision concerning your application for the position of our next Bachelorette. The casting team has already polled the target demographic for their reactions on the matter.

The audience’s reactions all heavily swayed in a positive direction. I firmly believe that our ratings would increase drastically if you would accept the position. Of course, such a major decision is left up to you and you alone.

You are a charismatic, talented, witty woman. You are steadfast in your beliefs as well. All of these qualities are essential in any of our Bachelorette candidates. I genuinely believe that you would be the perfect fit into our family. I can assure you that, aside from it being highly beneficial for your already-existing partnership with the American Broadcasting Company, you will have an extremely high chance at finding true love here. I sincerely hope that you are still considering accepting the position, as I would love nothing more than to have you on the show.

On behalf of the entire Bachelor/Bachelorette family, I send you our warmest regards.

Chris Harrison.”

She re-read the e-mail about 4 times to make sure that this was actually happening.

They’d accepted her application.

After weeks of internal deliberation, she had decided that she was definitely interested in the opportunity.

Oh my God; they had accepted her application!

She wrote a quick e-mail back confirming that she was still interested in the position.

About ten minutes after she sent her correspondence, she had received another reply.

Meryl Davis was officially the next Bachelorette.

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