Subscribe, Chapter One!

Hey Maksyl fam!

Welcome to my 6th AU, a little story I like to call “Subscribe”!

Meryl and Maks are both famous YouTubers. That’s all you need to know!

Dedication to the lovely unsvbtle, who inspired me with this idea when she typed ‘YouTube’ instead of her intended ‘you’ when we were discussing AU ideas.

All my love, fam, forever and always!

Without further adieu, here’s chapter one!


“…and that’s the story of how my pet dog completely ruined my first relationship,” Meryl giggled at the absurdity of her horrifyingly true story.

“Alright, guys, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe; you know the drill by now,” she chuckled, rolling her eyes.

Wait.. There’s something you’re forgetting to add…


Note to self: the momentary pause has to be edited out later.

“Next week I’m going to be uploading a Q&A video! Send me all the questions you possibly can on Twitter using the hashtag ‘#AskMerBear’ and I’ll try to fit as many in the video as I can!” She shot the camera an excited thumbs-up.

“I love you guys!” She blew the camera a kiss to emphasize her point.

“See you next week,” she finished, waving ‘goodbye’ frantically.

She continued waving for a bit longer than necessary, making sure she had some footage for editing, then jumped off of her turquoise beanbag.

She padded over to her camera in her favorite pair of fuzzy socks and stopped the recording.

“Another filming session done,” she smiled to herself.

She had a long afternoon of editing ahead of her. Not that she minded—Meryl loved being a YouTuber. She loved making people smile any way she could. She kept that in mind with every video she made; if she could make someone’s day a bit brighter with one of her videos, she was doing her job.

She never liked to consider herself famous, despite the fact that she had over six million subscribers.

She always felt as though calling herself ‘famous’ made her a larger-than-life figure to be put on a pedestal.

In reality, she was simply a 28-year-old in possession of a camera, lucky enough to be living out her dream.


The video was uploaded on a Friday, as every video that preceded it had been.

Not too long after she had posted the video, the hashtag ‘AskMerBear’ had gone from being nonexistent to a trending topic.

She grinned at her fans’ dedication. She’d always considered her fans her family; they were the absolute best.

She, of course, had to publicly declare her love.

@Meryl_Davis: #AskMerBear is trending already?!? I’d tell you guys exactly how amazing you all are but I’d run out of characters!!! #BestFansEver #Blessed

She hit ‘send,’ smiling from ear-to-ear.

How on earth did she get so lucky?

Now, ‘MerBear,’ let’s see what inquiring minds want to know!

She clicked on the hashtag and scrolled down the feed.

She wrote down all the questions that made her smile and the users that submitted them. She even included a few weird/creepy questions in the mix, too; if nothing else, her reactions would hopefully make her viewers smile.

Once she had a solid 35 questions down, she decided to stop. That number of questions would take up a good amount of video time.

She replied to a bunch of others on Twitter; She’d decided to do a celebratory reply spree in honor of the number one worldwide trend.

All of a sudden, amidst the insanity that were her Mentions, she received one new notification from a fellow YouTuber.

@TylerOakley: @Meryl_Davis , you better do the collab with @MaksimC ! I’d retweet the everloving shit out of that vid! #YouAndINeedACollabTooMerBear

She rose a dubious eyebrow. MaksimC wanted to do a collaboration video with her?

Like, the Maksim Chmerkovskiy, YouTuber/Comedian/Choreographer extraordinaire, wanted to collaborate with her?

She’d had a major-league crush on this man since he started his YouTube account three years ago! (She found his rugged looks and Ukrainian accent devilishly attractive, and he never failed to make her laugh with his comedic videos. Whenever he uploaded his dance routines, though, they always took Meryl’s breath away. He was an incredibly talented choreographer, and she adored the fact that he was multi-faceted. Granted, he had always been a celebrity crush of hers. She never expected it to go anywhere…but now that he wanted to collaborate with her, her imagination began to run wild.)

He was her inspiration for creating a YouTube account in the first place. She always thought she would have to be the one to ask him to do a collaboration…not the other way around!

She absolutely had to see this tweet.

She typed in his username and sure enough:

“@MaksimC: #AskMerBear Would you ever consider doing me the honor of doing a collab with me? I really like the sound of #MerylAndMaks ;)”

Meryl found herself blushing like a little schoolgirl at his message. Was that tweet flirtatious?

She hastily typed a reply back.

Now’s your chance to sound cool, Meryl. Do not mess this up!

“@Meryl_Davis: @MaksimC , #MerylAndMaks sounds like a plan. You should try tapping my follow button so we can work out the details ;)”

That was smooth, right?

Right. I think.

She hit send.

Seconds later, she received a notification: ‘@MaksimC started following you!’

Meryl tried to ignore her inner fangirl. She allowed herself a quick squeal and then it was back to business.

She opened up the DM window, ready to send him a coy message.

To her delighted surprise, he’d already sent her one:

“Hey, babe. Are we going to work out the details for our life-changing collab now?”

Meryl laughed, her cheeks heating up at his use of ‘babe.’

“Pet names already? You’re quite the charmer! Haha, where do you want to film?”

His reply was almost instantaneous.

“You’re too adorable not to give nicknames to. (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan.) My flat works just fine, if you’re down with that. What day are you free to film?”

Meryl’s eyes went wide at the idea of spending time alone with him in his flat—or rather, they wouldn’t be entirely alone, as Maks, his brother Val, and their dog Sir Sleep all lived together (Meryl had seen enough of his daily vlogs to know). But still.

“How does Tuesday sound, ‘MaksimC’? And I was just thinking that maybe we could also get together on Wednesday for the editing process? Y’know, so it’s not so terrible?”


She just wanted a chance to see him again.

She didn’t want it to be a one-time thing.

“It’s a date, MerBear. Actually, it’s technically 2 dates. Back-to-back. Which, considering the company I’ll be keeping, is beyond great with me.”

He followed up the message with his address.

Meryl felt bold all of a sudden—maybe it was because the conversation had gone so well.

For whatever reason, she chose to reply:

“See you then, babe!”

Satisfied, she exited her DMs.

She figured she should shoot a reply to Tyler’s earlier tweet.

Especially to inform him of the newest developments.

“@Meryl_Davis: Hey, @TylerOakley , it’s happening this week! #TeamMnM are filming two videos together on Tuesday, then editing together on Wednesday. #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue ;)”

Tyler’s next few tweets were keyboard smashes.

He was clearly as excited as she was.

Meryl laughed out loud.

Maks jumped in the conversation and replied to Meryl’s tweet:

“@MaksimC: @TylerOakley @Meryl_Davis MY dream came true when you said yes! Also, babe, I was thinking we’ll need to take a break sometime from the psychological trauma of editing. Lunch on Wed?

Meryl was grinning like a fool at her phone screen.

“@Meryl_Davis: @MaksimC @TylerOakley Lunch is a definite. #MerylAndMaks take on Panera Bread? I think yes.”

“@TylerOakley: HEY EVERYONE. @Meryl_Davis + @MaksimC = my new OTP. And they haven’t even met yet. Just so you know, I’ll be hiding in the bushes on your Panera date.”

Meryl laughed, retweeting Tyler’s speech.

This was going to be fun.

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